Chemical South Transport was created by Michael Gale and Bill Mitchell in 1997. Both men are veterans of the trucking business, having learned their trade from the ground up. Working diligently for an established company—Gale as an owner-operator and Mitchell as a salesman—they realized that together they had the resources, skills, and knowledge to create and run their own trucking business.

Beginning with five key clients, Chemical South separated themselves from other carriers, both big and small, with the idea that customer service should be held to as high a standard as safety and efficiency. They now service customers throughout the Coastal South and United States, with most of this growth attributed to the excellent word-of-mouth the carrier has received from its clients over the last fourteen years.

With a strong history of quality, safety, and service, Chemical South now looks to the future for the opportunity to grow, excel, and continue to do what they do best.

Our commitment to service sets us apart from the rest. Our newer customers find that out quickly, our long-time customers have come to depend on it. Size may matter at a weigh station, but not when it comes to the service Chem South provides. Large or small, we will fulfill your needs. Big or little, we will solve any problem. Commitment to service is what this company is about.